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Ontario weeds, pennycress

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abutilon theophrasti,
agropyron repens,
amaranthus retroflexus,
ambrosia trifida,
asarum canadense,
Asclepias syriaca,

birdfoot trefoil,
birds nest,
bindweed on corn.
blue daisy,

Canada thistle,
Canada thistle growing in wheat field.
chenopodium album, weed,
chickory in wheat field.
cichorium intybus,
cirsium arvense,
coffee weed,
common chickory,
common milkweed,
common ragweed,
common ragweed growing beside soybean.
convolvulus arvensis
corn competing with lambsquarters,
corn competing with mustard
corn competing with twitch grass, crabgras lambsquarters and numerous other weeds.
corn competing with pigweed lambsquarters and other weeds,
corn with horsetail
corn with Lady's thumb,
corn with Lamb's-quarters,
corn with pigweed
corn with quack grass,
corn with weeds,
couch grass,
cyperus esculentus,

daucus carota,
deadly nightshade,

eastern black nightshade,
elephant ear,

field bindweed,
fieldbindweed in soybean field,
field bindweed in sandy soil,
field bindweed in wheat field.
field mustard,
field pennycress,
field pepper-grass
five leaf corn surrounded by lamsquarters,
five leaf corn surrounded by pigweed.
foxtail in soybean,

giant foxtail,
giant ragweed,
goats beard,

indian mallow,


lamb's quarters,
lady's thumb in wheat,
lepidium campestre,
lotus corniculatus,

mustard and ragweed,
minimum till corn field with pigweed and lady's thumb,

nine leaf corn competing with ragweed,
nine leaf corn competing with heavy infestation of quack grass,
northern nut-grass,
nut sedge in soybean,

polygonum persicaria,
portulaca oleracea,
pigweed and Lamb's-quarters,
pigweed seedling,
pigweed seedlings in corn field,

ragweed in soybean field,
red shank,
redroot pigweed,

quitch grass,Twitch grass,.
quack grass,
quack grass in field.
queen Anne's-lace,

setaria faberii,
setaria glauca,
smart weed,
solanum ptycanthum,
soybean field covered in weeds
soybean field with wild mustard,
soybean,lamb's-quarters and pigweed.,
soybean with velvet leaf weed.
spraying herbicide on soybean field.
sinapis arvensis,
sonchus oleraceus,
sow thistle,
sow thistle growing in soybean field.

tragopogon dubius,
tussilago farfara,
twitch grass roots

velvet leaf,
velvetleaf in hemp field,
velvetleaf in soybean field,

weeds at edge of field,
wild carrot,
wild carrot in soybean field.
wild carrot in wheat field,
wild ginger,
wild succory,

yellow foxtail,
yellow mustard
yellow-nut grass



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