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Dairy farm pictures are the largest single collection on the photobar site covering all aspects of the dairy industry including pictures of milking, herd health, laboratory testing of milk samples, manufacture and packaging of milk and butter and lots of photo's of cows both in the barn and in the field.

Following is an index of pictures that can be found in the Dairy Photobar

This is a large catagory and to simplify your search each subject links to an image or gallery.

antibiotic testing
antique milk bottle
automatic washing of milking claw

bactoscan testing
biosecurity , washing boots before entering the barn
bottle feeding
bottle of milk
boy drinking milk
boy eating yogurt
boy measuring waist
boy on dock with milk drink
boy pouring milk
boys at soccer drinking milk
bread and butter
broken syringe needle
Bruce Saunders in parlour
bucket milking
bulk milk
butter churn
buying milk

calf eartag
calf feeding
calf hutch
calves in field
calves on pasture
cleaning udder
close up of cows teats
close up of cows udder delivering milk to the world
close up of intra mammary application of antibiotic
computer and milk samples
coverall barn
cow down with calcium imbalance
cow in stream
cow on treated foot mat
cow standing in river
cow urinating in stream
cows in field in misty morning light
cows in field watching child picking flowers
cows in field
cows on pasture
cream floating to top
cream rises

dairy photos
dairy barn at sunset and using back up generator to finish milking

dairy barns sunset
dairy cattle and deadly nightshade
dairy cows on pasture
dairy feed
dairy foodbank donations
dairy herd improvement
dairy housing
dairy silhouette
dairy whey fuel
dehorned calf
dehorned dairy calf
diverter used to direct wash water through the milk pipeline
diverting plug
dressed and bandaged hoof
dressing with oxytetracylcline
dry milk
dryed milk powder beign shipped to Cuba

eartag tool
ear tagging
expressing milk,

farm scene in winter
farmer at hay bails
farmer and vet treating downer cow
farm visitor putting on plastic boots
farmer checking temperature of milk tank
farmer checking time temperature recorder
farmer cleaning the gutter
farmer connecting tank washer
farmer entering silo for repairs
farmer in barn with clip board
farmer inspecting the interior of his bulk tank
farmer reading label on medication
farmer washing boots
female farmer filling a wheel barrow with ground corn
female farmer taking milk sample
filling CAIS forms
flypaper in barn
freestall feeding
full tank of milk

girl with milk samples,
giving a calf an injection,
global milk,
graph showing milk production levels,
ground corn

handful of corn silage,
handful of TMR,
handful of total mix ration,
hay bale, One hay bale picture has beef cattle in it I know this is dairy but the search for hay is out of the full archive :-)
heifer with ringworm,
heifers in field,
heifers on pasture
holstein bank,
holstein calf new born and having first feed,
holstein cow with ringworm,
holstein drinking from bucket,
holstein grazing in pasture field,
holstein in field in misty morning light,
holstein in river,
holstein in stream,
holstein in tiestall being treated with Orbeseal,
holstein on pasture,
hoof trimming,

jersey cow with ringworm dermatophytosis,
jersey in barn
jersey on pasture,

lab testing for bacteria,
lab testing somatic cell count,
lab testing,
leg band on treated cow,
liquid manure spreading on field with corn stubble,
loose housing,

manure spreading
manure liquid
manure tank
milk crates on cart,
milk carton,
milk delivery,
milk lab,
milk parlor,
milk parlour,
milk pasturizing,
milk pasteurizing
milk pipeline marked with red band,
milk powder,
milk processing and packaging,
milk processing and put into cartons,
milk sample,
milk storage tank,
milk stripping,
milk transportation,
milking Holstein treated cow in tie stall,
misty morning on a dairy farm where the chores are already started,

new born calf in field,
new calf drinking milk,
new calf in barn with cow,
new calf in barn,
night farm scene in winter,

packaging butter,
parlor milking,
parlour milking,
pasteurizing milk

picturesque dairy farm in evening light,
plastic bag silage,
pouring milk at fridge,
pouring milk on cereal,

robotic milking,
rubber gloves worn in milk parlor,
run off from the excercise yard runs into the manure pit,

salt block
scenic dairy farm
sealed milk sample
slhouette of barn
silhouette of dairy barn
silhouette of dairy cattle at sunset
silo reflected in manure storage pit
snap test
soft top barn
somatic cell count
spreading manure on field with corn stubble
straw bales
strawberry hoof
strawberry wart lesion
strong flashlight used in examining the milking claw after it has been washed

teat dip
teat dipping
teat spraying

tetracycline treated mat
tiestall feeding,
tiestall milking
tiestall water
tiestall with high head rail and wide stall
TMR feeding
TMR mixer
treating strawberry hoof

udder care

view from barn window

warning notice on silo about hazzard of entering a confined space
warning notice on the door
warning sign on top entrance to silo
washing the cluster
washing and filtering equipment in dairy parlour
washing receiving jar
washing the milking claw
washing udder
whip cream on strawberries
whole milk
wide angle view of holsteins looking at camera
winter on the farm
wiping udder