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picture of a person standing at the end of a dock with their arms outstretched and they are silhoueted against the setting sun
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Photobar gallery Rondeau
Photobar gallery Chatham Kent
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Rondeau is Ontario’s second oldest park dating back to 1894


Index of pictures taken in Rondeau area .

abandoned farmhouse [Chatham Kent]

bait [Chatham Kent]
black eyed susan [Rondeau]
black-throated green warble [Rondeau]
black-and-white warbler [Rondeau]
boy watches a spider catch it's prey [Rondeau]

catching bait [Chatham Kent]

dew drops on spider web [Rondeau]

early morning light on path in Rondeau [Rondeau]
eastern screech owl

family swimming in Lake Erie at Rondeau [Rondeau]
fern design photographed at Rondeau [Rondeau]
fishing with net [Chatham Kent]
fungi [Rondeau]
fungi on fallen trees in the Tulip Trail at Rondeau [Rondeau]

garter snake [Rondeau]
great lobelia [Rondeau]

learning to ride bike at Rondeau [Rondeau]
lobelia siphilitica [Rondeau]

mniotilta varia [Rondeau]

old tractor [Chatham Kent]
owl [Rondeau]
ox-eye daisy [Rondeau]

prothonatory warbler [Rondeau]

Rondeau Bay sunset [Rondeau]
rudbeckia hirta [Rondeau]

seagulls [Rondeau]
seagulls on beach at Rondeau [Rondeau]
spider web in morning light [Rondeau]
sunset in Rondeau [Rondeau]

thamnophis sirtalis [Rondeau]
tree cross section [Rondeau]
tulip tree [Rondeau]
turkey vultures [Rondeau]
turkey vultures with carcass of seagull [Rondeau]
turkey vultures on Erie beach [Rondeau]

water on tulip tree leaves [Rondeau]
wind surfing in Rondeau [Rondeau]
winter sunset in Rondeau Provincial Park [Rondeau]

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